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Monday, 21 March 2011

Phew! Manic week or so - now it's back to blogging ;o)

Firstly, I know I haven't posted but my thoughts are with the families in Japan after the terrible devastation and losses they have suffered.

I've been everso busy, health check-ups always seem to be crowded into the same couple of weeks.  I've also been hunting for stuff for our dear daughter Vicky's house - the big move is coming up at the weekend.  She asked me to get mirrors..
(Before you view, you know I'm no photographer and mirrors are awful to snap!)

This is a lovely bevel edged one, solid wood frame approx 24" x 20" £10
I do not expect it to stay in dark wood finish though!

This birch framed beauty 18" X  20" £4

This silver framed one is roughly the same size as the birch frame - £5
I suspect they may all end up silver coloured.

Vicky also asked me to look for curtains - for tall Victorian windows..

The colour is actually cream, 86" wide x 88" Drop fully lined £6.50
I think they will end up either in her guest room or craft room.  I also go a pair of brand new curtain linings for £3 for some other curtains she already has.
(I can't promise photos from her new home - I've missed the befores and I'm not too certain she'll be struck on me posting finished rooms - but, you never know.)

Now, on to my bargains.

A pair of boxed Prices Willow Pattern candles - certainly vintage pre 15 February 1971
as they have a price written on the back of the box 2/6, they cost me £1

Woods Ware jug, I love the unususal shape £2.75 I'll probably use it for mint sauce :o)

4" Burleigh 'Arden' pattern dish £1

Now, this WAS a perfect little toille trinket box for my dressing table
£1.50 but, the lid had been taped on to save breakage...but they hadn't counted on me removing the tape!
I pulled it off, the lid took flight and landed in two pieces on the floor :o( - Oh well, never mind.  I've glued it and without close inspection it looks fine!

It's blue and white, it's a duck money box, it was £1.
I like it anyway!

These autumn leaves...

2 x orange (first photo is true colour) and 2x yellow drifted down into my hand for 50p the lot.

Then I saw this lovely Debenhams plate

I liked the gold highlighting,  was a snip at 25p
I've put them away for an Autumn vignette.

I hope you've all been enjoying the lovely Spring weather, and maybe like me have also been busy in the garden.

Best wishes to all!


Sharing Shadymont said...


You've had great luck with your shopping! The mirrors are really nice. I especially love the first one. Your daughter is lucky to have you to shop for her.

Have a great week!

George the Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose
I've been having a blog break so have not been visiting, just to much to do in real life!
You did well not getting anything else on the photos of the mirrors ;)
Mom says she still has your jug!!! will get it back to you soon
have a good week
See Yea George xxx

acorn hollow said...

What great luck you have finding blue and white. I love the candles. Hope she lets you take after pictures.