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Monday, 15 July 2013

A few changes. (Long post)

Hello folks, I'm finally posting after what seems like months.
For those of you in the UK you know we are in the middle of a heatwave - I don't function too well in the heat!

* * *

Hello to my new followers!  Hope you stick around even though I'm not posting too regularly.
Then, thank you again for all the wonderful, supportive comments I've received.  I truly do appreciate them - you're a wonderful lot!

* * *

There's been a lot going on.  Further to Mom's assessment (last post) I received a copy of the report.  There were three large inaccuracies in it.  Firstly it stated that she 'was unable to hold a pen' - Mom had held the pen and written a legible sentence when asked.  He'd also stated that she was 'unable to handle money' - This subject had not been broached when he asked Mom if she shopped on her own, she has no problems with this at all.  Then, thirdly he's started a paragraph with 'Mary lives alone.  Florence has no insight into her problems' and went on to describe Florence's other problems.  I wrote to the Memory Service nurse pointing out the inaccuracies (I hand posted it, sending a copy to  Mom's doctor).  I received no reply and have had to chase it up.  Finally, yesterday I received a reply stating that they use a template that should have been blank before typing.  Even though it had been checked before sending out these problems hadn't been noticed!  Gives you a lot of faith in them eh?

Just had to add this photo of my first cherries ripening - looking forward to tasting them :o)
As the next photo was featured for my post (How off-putting.)

Do you recall the garden bench covered in bird poo? (Ugh, shudder.)

Well, it's had a bit of a facelift..

The metal frame was made by my maternal Grandfather as a wedding gift to Grandma (in 1914)
So it's almost an antique!  I've painted it with smooth Hammerite paint, and we've put new seat and backrest boards on.  These have had three coats of Ronseal  Woodland colours 'Bluebell' wood treatment.  I need to paint the table now, along with...

The new arbour seat :o)  When it cools down I shall paint it with the same bluebell colour outside, and ash white inside.

Do you remember the bug boxes I put up on the new fence?  This morning we've discovered that some Leafcutter bees have found the tubes :o)  I'm really pleased about this as the garden MUST be BEE FRIENDLY!

I've added a Cedar wood Lacewing Box too.  I followed the instructions and stuffed it with straw after smearing lacewing attractant on it.

It's quite large and was a bargain from Amazon.

* * *

One of my neighbours had put out a water feature for the scrap/rubbish man to collect.  I have a small pebble pool in the back garden that we rarely use as the water reservoir below ground is rectangular and the returning water 'misses' so it emptied quickly.  I thought the bottom part of the feature would be better, so asked if I could have it.  It turned out that it all worked and they were just altering the layout of the garden.  It wouldn't have been my choice in a garden centre - but for free? 

Nice and weathered - it'll do for me!

* * *

On the wildlife front.

Hedgehogs GALORE!  We had ten in the garden the other night, a three, a four and a two.  All different ones.

The other evening I 'captured' one to mark it.  Meet Ted.

Yes, leather gloves were required - a VERY prickly character ;o)

* * *

I've been toying with buying a Wildlife camera, and finally decided to plump for
The Bushnell Natureview HD (The link takes you to Wildlife Kate's site, please take a look around while you're there.)  Kate has been on BBC's Springwatch, and gave them the idea for the mouse cave.

I'm still playing around trying to get the settings right, and the place to set it up, but here are some of the results.  (Date/time bottom right)

Juvenile Starling

Female Blackbird

Over-exposed Hogs :o(

Once I get the settings sussed I can do videos too.

* * *

The border in the back garden continues to 'fill out''!

(Blue Strawberry planter continues to disappoint, no good for strawberries and as far as I can see little use for anything else!)

* * *
Well, I've waffled on again for too long.  So I'll sign off now - I REALLY need to visit some of you!

Best wishes



Marilyn said...

It would be VERY interesting to see one's own records from the doctor!! And at 99 years old (the bench), I think that is close enough to 100 to qualify for antique. That's what I've heard is the magic number. Most of my childhood stuff qualifies as vintage~as I'm over 60! I had my own night visitors last night. Heard an unusual purring noise out the patio door and when I looked there was what I think is a young mother raccoon with EIGHT babies. They were so cute, but I really don't want them at my back door. I don't do well in heat either, so hope it cools off for us both. Take care.♥♫

Kath said...

lovely photos Rose, all really interesting. I use my strawberry planter for the mint, saves it running wild round the garden.

Denise said...

Hi Rose,

It's great to see you again! I love it when you show us images of your garden because I LOVE English gardens -- English gardens and southern gardens (as I was born and raised in the south). :)

Your "new" garden bench looks marvelous; I do like that bluebell color. How great that you were able to use your neighbor's base for your water feature; it really is a charming feature! Ten hedgehogs in one night -- WOW. Ted is awfully cute. :)

I'm sorry things are not being handled very efficiently with your mom's situation; that's so very frustrating for you I'm sure. Hope they will get things straightened out very soon.

Have a wonderful week, Rose!

Denise at Forest Manor

janzi said...

Well, dear Rose, I love to read your blog and to know you dont live too far away makes it more special.. We have not seen any hedgehogs for a couple of years now, and the bees seem to be rare too.. I hope next year the balance will have adjusted and all be back to normal.. I loved the picture of the bench your grandfather made, delightful to keep it in such good shape and that colour is inspired!! Hope you are not sweltering too much, I love the heat, but being cooler is good too.. all the best janzi

janzi said...

Hallo again, I forgot to say, that that doctor's mistakes are not uncomman, and good that you picked up on it to get it sorted, I hope your mum is keeping optimistic, because even with momeory loss,life is worth living** all the b est J

Mary said...

Hi dear - I'm so behind with commenting also, but have been posting! Travels to Calif. and Pacific NW have slowed me down - I read blogs but just no time to write everyone - sorry out there!!!

A shame they got it all wrong for your dear mom - hope your comments will put them on record and improve the system.

Love the garden pics - know you've been having some awesome, if hot, weather lately and the flowers are looking beautiful. The painted furniture looks great - love blue in the garden. Remember how they used to tell us in England - "blue with green should never be seen". What a bunch of bilge that was - they are so lovely together in anything, but especially Nature. Great freebie in the fountain - it's really nice.

Glad the hoggies are busy visiting - you are so lucky to have them in the garden - look forward to seeing more activity with the new camera, what fun. I see the kitty in the background - was it trying to get to Ted by chance?

No 'treasure hunting' lately? Guess you've been far too busy. I too have not done much but hope to go to a favorite place when I head to Charlotte where my lovely friend Vanessa has moved - we will get together early in Aug. and shop 'til we shop most likely!

Take care dear Rose - especially in the heat - know you probably don't have a/c so need to go slow in the heatwave.

Glad you're back - hugs and love, Mary

Kathy Moreland said...

Oh how frustrating healthcare can be! My sister who has lost her memory, has made improvement in some areas, but the memory is still really bad. She is now in Assisted Living, a facility about 8 miles from my home, so I am able to visit often. It took over two weeks to get her Dr. to call in an order for her insulin!! Her glucose readings were near 300, and we could get no response from the Dr.! UGH! Sometimes I wonder what happens to those who have no one to look out for their welfare.

Your garden is looking really pretty. Love the blue bench.

Take care,

KC'sCourt! said...

Well that wasn't very professional was it......? Re the the letter about your mum. Obviously didn't get read properly first!

Your bench is lovely and you have the most wonderful garden.
Julie xxxxxx

greenthumb said...

Doesn't make your mum look to bad when you have to deal with professional like that. Your garden is looking pretty and with so many little Hogs.

Snowbird said...

What a lovely post, I love the bench painted blue and think it will all look wonderful when finished.

Your cherries look wonderful, I have THREE on my tree!!! Mustn't eat them all in one sitting eh???

Your hedgehogs are fantastic, lovely to see them in the wild for a change!You must be a wonderful hotel for them!

I will look forward to your wildlife videos.....xxxx

rusty duck said...

Loved seeing the photos from your wildlife camera. I have no idea which animals inhabit our garden at night, seems a great way to find out.

Wendy said...

I'm sorry to hear your mother's assessment report was so inaccurate - it does prove that we all have to check and watch everything closely. Exciting news about your leaf cutter bees! And it's wonderful to hear that so many hedgehogs are visiting. I love the re-painted bench, it must be special with that lovely family story behind it.

ann said...

Hi, Rosie. So glad to see you back. I have missed you and the hedgehogs. I worked on my blog so that more of my favorite blogs show up in my reading list on my home page. Hopefully I keep up you now. We have been hearing about your heat wave. I cannot imagine England hot. We have had rain. Lots of rain. Very nice to have rain. Hope you cool down soon.

Aril said...

Sorry to hear of your stresses with regard to your Mum- it doesn't instil you with confidence does it.

The bench is a lovely colour and aww hedgehogs- my parents had babies in their garden a couple of summers ago and they were cute as a button!