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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Memory Clinic appointment.

Thank you all for your concern over my Mom, I appreciate you kind, supportive comments and emails very much :o)

Here's a quick update on Mom's appointment/assessment today at the Memory Clinic.  

(Mom )"Where did you say we had to go today?" !

Mom was not impressed practically from the start though when the (male)  specialist nurse read out the referral letter from her Doctor...saying about her memory problems, aggression and difficulty remembering relatives.  (I wondered if it would have been a better idea to start on a different area, or even with a female nurse?) Anyway, there was a lot of repeating words, like 'lemon, ball and key'. He then asked a few more questions before returning back to them and asking Mom to repeat those words - most of the time she couldn't.
He then went onto ask what 100 minus 7 equalled, minus 7 and again a further 5 or 6 times, Mom passed this with flying colours.
They asked her to identify nine different simple line drawings, she recognised all of them, but couldn't remember what they were called (penguin, camel, anchor, crocodile and basket) but she knew the queen wears a crown! The specialist nurse asked me some difficult to answer questions (in front of Mom) for example about her aggression....Mom was NOT pleased with my reply, I think the nurse got the gist of it though!

It lasted for just over half an hour, and was mostly relaxed with no pressure put on her, and he even told her at one point (when she was particularly pissed with me for being too honest,) that she could end the test and leave at any time! The outcome is that Mom is right on the edge of Dementia...(goodness knows how bad this'll get then?) The suggestion was to make an appointment to see a specialist who could advise further, and/or to make a follow up appointment to check if there is any progression in six months time. 
 Mom has (of course) flatly refused ANY further appointments. The Nurse said I could contact him if anything changes, seems like I may well be :o(

Rose H


Leanne said...

Hugs Rose, we're always here to listen and support you xx

leanne x

Kim said...

Ah Rose I'm sorry to hear about the diagnosis but I guess at least you know what your're dealing with to some extent now. It must be very difficult. Much love to you xx

P.s. I forgot to say thank you for the hedgehog advice the other day - thank you - made me feel better that she 'rescued' him now. :)

Andi's English Attic said...

Every good blessing to you and your family. It's a difficult time.
I remember taking my MiL for a memory test and the DR asked her the date of her marriage and the date of her first child's birth. I had to wave frantically behind MiL's back. The dates are not a 'respectable' distance apart! MiL would be mortified to know we know.

Andi's English Attic said...

Every good blessing to you and your family. It's a difficult time.
I remember taking my MiL for a memory test and the DR asked her the date of her marriage and the date of her first child's birth. I had to wave frantically behind MiL's back. The dates are not a 'respectable' distance apart! MiL would be mortified to know we know.

Denise said...

Oh, dear Rose; I'm sorry to hear about your news. It seems odd that the nurse should have asked you about her moods/aggressiveness right in front of her. That certainly put you on the spot!

Is it possible to get a part-time care-giver for her, one that would come to her home? Someone other than you, that is, so you wouldn't have the full burden on you all the time. I truly feel for you, as I know so many people who've been in your situation, and it really is difficult. I hope you can get some assistance.

I'm glad you gave us an update, and I'll be thinking about you.

Special Hugs to You,

Denise at Forest Manor

Marilyn said...

This appointment sounds like it just confirmed what you already knew. Sadly, there will be no cure. Prayers go to you for patience in dealing with your mother. This and cancer research need to be a priority as there will be more and more people with the same issue. Best of luck.♥♫

JC said...

Why would he ask you questions about her in front of her ? That was rude.

I don't know what to say to you except just do the best you can.

I know that I've had that memory test .. words and remembering them after. I fail that all the time.

(that was after my coma)


Wendy said...

Thanks for updating us, Rose. It isn't an easy situation, but I hope you and your mother receive the best service from the specialists.

Louise said...

What a difficult time you are having. It sounds like the appointment could have gone better but at least there was some progress. Dave's mum used to work with people with Dementia so I know a little of how awful an illness it is. I hope they can do something to help you cope with it all, and of course you have lots of bloggy friends to turn to for a bit of support too.

janzi said...

this is the start of a long journey with your mum, but with you by her side, I am sure she will cope better.
we had this to deal with my inlaws, mother had dementia and dad parkinsons., we managed to keep them at home, but used the services of the council carers a lot, so I hope you will be able to do that.. they really try to be there and help and it does relieve you a lot, so you can catch your breath...parents getting dementia is not funny, but I am sure you will ask for all the help you can get, dont be too proud to ask..its out there, so get it to help you.. I am thinking of you, hugs to surround you and lots and lots of positive thoughts dear friend..janzi

greenthumb said...

Such a hard time for you all to go through. Have a good weekend.

KC'sCourt! said...

I send you a big hug. I feel they should have made an appointment just for you to answer the questions that really should not have been asked in front of your mother. When this happened to my MIL we asked for an appointment with the doctor - luckily we all have/had the same doctor.
Julie xxxxxxxxx

The Faerie Factory said...

Dear Rose. I know how difficult this is. My Dad has dementia and these are the standard tests they do. Unfortunately there really is nothing more they can do. It's a long hard journey but please do not be afraid to ask for help. There are many support groups out there, it is a great comfort to know you and your Mom are not alone ... sending hugs and love and a huge amount of sense of humour ... because when everything else is failing you can but laugh at the situation ~ Sarah x

rusty duck said...

A year before Mum got her formal diagnosis, I took her to her GP. He did a similar test and she got almost every question right. So it went no further, even though in everyday life she was struggling more and more.

I wonder sometimes if the NHS is really geared up to deal with this. Good luck Rose, thinking of you.

Jay said...

Oh Rose that must have been a difficult appointment for you (and Mom. It doesn't seem right that you were asked those questions in front of her.

Sending hugs. x

Snowbird said...

How very sad about your mum, I wish you well. I'm glad I've found your blog, and I love your love of wildlife.xxxx

Aril said...

I'm so sad to hear of you Mum's dementia. I lost my MIL to the disease earlier in the spring. I am off to explore your blog further now.
Love Arilx