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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Remember this?

Our back garden 01st March this year after the new fence had been erected?  An awful lot of bare earth and no plants.
Well look at it now!  It's filled out a bit now.

I know the archway need trimming somewhat, but I was too late - we have house sparrows nesting there.

There's an arum lily in this little bed, the daffs come every year (over by now though) and the polyanthus are just filling the gap until lily returns.

The lush green leaves in the raised border is monks hood (aconite).  The rock that makes the border was once upon a time our fireplace.
A golden delicious (hubs favourite) apple tree on dwarf root stock in the blue planter

A peach in the foreground and cherry to the right (both on dwarf root stock)

The ivy growing up the garage...notice a hole about an inch from the top of the photo?

You may just see the robins eye peeping, she's sitting on eggs :o) (Possibly 4 to 6 eggs)
She will sit alone for up to 13 days until they incubate, the male has been very busy bringing her food.  Looking forward to baby robins.

I still have a clematis montana to plant and allow to scramble along the fence, another clematis to plant against the house wall along with three small holly bushes to put in.  I tend to fill borders with all sorts as I don't like to see bare earth.

Have a good week folks.


Marilyn said...

Your garden looks so lush compared to mine! Today it is covered in snow, but much of it has melted. Love the blue pots and those blue balls in the garden. I have some new blue pots to fill this year IF spring ever arrives!♥♫

Kathy Moreland said...

Your fence garden looks lovely! I need to fill about five pots with blooming plants, but we keep having cold weather, and I am trying to wait until it passes, but have about decided to just go ahead and plant!

Have a great Thursday!!

awholeplotoflove said...

Rose, your garden looks lovely. Lucky you to have birds nesting in your garden.

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely garden. We're doing ours at the moment. I did a post about robins the other day too (22nd April).
Julie xxxxxxxxx

rusty duck said...

It's really coming on Rose. Love the robin's nest!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Looking great! I wish I could come sit out there with you, have a cup of tea, good conversation and take in the beauty.

Louise said...

I do love your little garden, it's so wildlife friendly :)
It's looking good.

Wendy said...

How lovely to see the colour and fresh green growth in your garden. I hope the robins carry on nesting successfully; they do look tucked away there.

Jooles said...

Your garden looks beautiful and that little robin is so sweet.
happy weekend
love jooles xxx

Leanne said...

its really coming on Rose, isnt it lovely when everything grows! and how lovely to have nesting sparrows and robins! wonderful!

Leanne x

acorn hollow said...

wow that is beautiful! What an amaing job.

Mary said...

Hi dear Rose, I'm late as things have been hectic around the cottage. Our trip north to see Bob's mom was not exactly happy, she really is fading, and didn't know any of us, but she is out of the hospital and in the nursing facility at her residence. She will never be going back to her little apartment there.

Now Im readying for the trip - such a lot to do around here before I leave on the 19th - with all the rain we've been having the garden is a bit of a mess - I will be out there on Fri. cleaning up as that's supposed to be a fine, warm and dry day.

Yours is coming along famously - love what you've planted and all looks healthy - and I'm in love with all those blue pots! Are those stone bears I see, and what is climbing up your arch?

Hope all is well and that your mom is doing better. Perhaps this warmer weather you've been having has made a world of difference for all of you who were sick of cold and wet!!

Love and hugs - Mary X

Jay said...

It all looks beautiful Rose, do you get much fruit on the dwarf trees? I've been wondering about getting some. Lovely to see the robin nesting there.

Denise said...

Hi Rose,

I've so enjoyed this post -- your fence garden is just charming!! I love all the flowers in bloom; is that a bed of primroses in the round circle? I think it's so neat that you can grow fruit trees in a planter; I guess I never realized that. What a great idea!

It was interesting to see the Monk's Hood. I've read about it; isn't it extremely poisonous if ingested? I love that you got a picture of the hole in your ivy vine with the robin's nest inside. And you even got a pic of the mother robin! You are just like a modern-day Beatrix Potter, Rose; and I mean that in the nicest possible way!

Coincidentally, we have a robin's nest (with babies) on our front porch column at the moment. It's a very sloppy looking nest. :) We had one last year, and I've decided that robins are very sloppy housekeepers. The finches and wrens build much tidier nests. Also, I think your English robins are so much cuter than the American ones. :)

I'm sorry I'm just now leaving you a comment on this post, Rose; I've forced myself to stay away from blogging for the past two or three weeks in order to get some things done around the house. I've missed it and am glad to be back.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Denise at Forest Manor