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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

New additions

Hi folks, once again I apologise for my lack of posts.  Last time I mentioned that I was going to release another two hedgehogs from the local hedgehog rescue centre.   

You probably know that I have already built and installed three hedgehog houses into the garden, but because two of them were already inhabited I'd decided to build a fourth one :o)
(I really should make a plan of them in case any of you would like to make one too.)
Anyway, here is the completed house.

It has been placed at the side of the conservatory (as this is the only place left to fit one in!)

Joan arrived with two boxes of precious cargo on the 6th May, and I transferred the two ladies into my own (cat) carriers so that they were secure until darkness fell.  They were then put into the darkened laundry until the evening came and I could release them into the world.  They had both been hand reared and didn't really have much knowledge of the outside world.  As you know I name all the hogs I release and of course these little girls have names to, so may I introduce the two little wrigglers:

(who now sports a white spot on each side)
and her buddy

(who has an inverted 'T' on her behind)

Little Myrtle again.

Once darkness came I placed each one into a new home, and waited for them to pluck up the courage to come out and investigate.  Mavis was the bravest, and was out and about devouring food within five minutes, Myrtle however was a little more shy and it was around 30 minutes before she came out to investigate.

Here's Mavis

Just about to hoover up the pile of mealworms.
(Sorry the shot is out of focus)

Since then Mavis has been a regular in the garden, either by over-nighting and also feeding.
Myrtle must have ranged further away as I've only seen her twice since release.

Archie is also a regular, and likes the ladies ;o)

You can probably, just make out his stripe - he's the hog on the left, the other one I've called Spotty as he has a lighter spot on his right bum cheek.  They met up in the feeding box.

I've started to keep a log of each hog I see, and also the over-nighters sleeping in the boxes.
It appears we have a neon 'Travelhog' sign placed by the gate, visible to hedgehogs only!  They seem to spend a night or two in one box, then disappear for another couple of nights when another moves in, in it's place.  Some nights, like last night all the boxes were empty.  It's amusing me no-end :o)

Here's another few visitors...I wonder if Wilfrid, Winifrid or May (some of last years releases) are amongst them?  I'm afraid I no longer have any way of knowing as their paint marks would have long since rubbed off.

Who ever they are, they're in good condition :o)
* * *
I have been amusing myself this afternoon trying to get shots of Mommy and Daddy Robin as they frantically flit in and out of the nest feeding their brood.  We have no idea how many little ones there are as the ivy has now covered the hole completely.   Here are the better shots.

I was trying to get an 'action' in flight shot, sadly this is the best I could do:

and if you think that's bad, this was the worst!

So, help need please.  Some of you have the MOST astounding photographs of animals in action shots, come on - HOW DO YOU DO IT?  I use a Panasonic FZ38 set onto outdoor sport mode.  I've tried other settings but to no avail, can anybody point me in the right direction please?

Well, I truly hope I'm not boring you to death with my very own 'Nature Watching'.

I'll be back again as soon as I'm able, again please forgive me not visiting and commenting too often   I'm really missing visiting you, but some days I don't even get around to switching on the laptop at all.

Sending my very best wishes to you all.

x x


rusty duck said...

Not boring at all, I've been loving your observations of hedgehogs and robins. The robins I have, but the hogs I can only dream of!

Marilyn said...

Your robins look much different than ours, but I'm sure they are as delightful to watch as ours! Yea for your little hogs.♥♫

JC said...

I love your blog !!!

greenthumb said...

You have very own nature reserve in your garden.

awholeplotoflove said...

How sweet, never had hedgehogs in the garden but we have seen them over the road in a hedge.

Jenny Short said...

This is unique. Enno and I have a hedge hog who roams around our house. I didn't know you could make a house for one. Do you feed them? How do they know the house is for them. I loved your story. xo Jenny

Wendy said...

I love following the hedgehog stories. Your hedgehogs are all adorable; I'm glad they keep visiting their "Travelhog". And good to see the robins are still nesting OK.

Leanne said...

lovely post Rose! I do love your little hedgehog friends!

Leanne x

Mary said...

Such a wonderful post Rose dear - you definitely have the most interesting mini 'nature preserve' in your lovely garden. I love the hedgehog stories and Mavis and Myrtle to so adorable. The older ones look so healthy, thanks to you I'm sure.

Love the robin pics (and the hoggy ones too) - and of course the only way you might get better pics is to invest in a DSLR camera with a good lens (or lenses). they are much faster and certainly better for nature photography - of course they are expensive! I've a lot to learn about my Canon 7D - in fact I'm still using it the easy way set on P, just can't get my head around all the manual challenges!

Must run - off tomorrow and lots still to do.
Happy weekend.
Hugs - Mary

George The Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose
You do have full manual mode on your camera. But it will struggle with fast action shots. When you see a flying bird don't just press the shutter pan the camera as in keep track of the bird and press the shutter the back ground will be blurred but you might get a clear shoot of the bird. It seams to me you have out grown your camera :) time to move up to an SLR :) Love George x