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Friday, 14 December 2012


Hello Guys and gals!

I had a package arrive yesterday from the very dear Leanne  at Tales of Simple Days, and when I opened it I was delighted to find this beauty.

With his gorgeous frosted wings :o)

and there was also this 'magical' card

Thank you, thank you Leanne!  I shall treasure him and think of you each time I see him..

There are REALLY lovely people in Blogland :o)

Very best wishes

I have been nursing my OH who is quite poorly at the moment, he is asthmatic and has a really bad chest infection....and then this morning I awoke with a retching cough, temperature and feeling dreadful :o(  Oh well, we do share most things!  It's just putting me FURTHER behind with other Mom is 90 on the 21st - no cake or card made yet.  Christmas decorations are still in the loft, and it looks like they'll be stopping there for another few days too.  No cards written, no gifts wrapped.  Looks like Xmas will be deferred this year!


JC said...

Really cute ornament !!!

Sorry to hear that you and your H are sick. Maybe this year you just do the spirit of the Holidays and not all the tree stuff.

You could put a few ornaments on table and on shelfs. I put old ones in a bowl on my dining room table.

As my friend, Arthur, continues to visit me, I can see hiring someone to help me or maybe getting a fake tree.

Best to you during this Holiday Season,


Arthur + arthritis

awholeplotoflove said...

What a lovely decoration. Hope you husband recovers soon.

Denise said...

Hi Rose,

What a beautiful own ornament -- I love it!! Those frosted wings are just lovely, and that was such a thoughtful gift.

I'm so sorry you and your hubby are sick. A lot of people have been sick over on this side of the Atlantic, as well. I hope your hubby will get some medicine; I have asthma, and a chest infection is nothing to play around with.

May you both feel better very soon so that you can enjoy this blessed season. Happy Birthday to your mother!



Fading Grace said...

Feel better soon xx little owl is gorgeous x

greenthumb said...

Just take care of your self, it will all get done.

Leanne said...

I am so glad he arrived safely rose!

and sorry youre under the weather, sending healing wishes to you,

Leanne x

Mary said...

So sorry you guys are sick - hope you both get well in time for the holiday celebrations - and your dear mother's big, important birthday! Sending her a birthday hug.

Lovely gift in your mail...............we just never know what will show up on the doorstep/in the mailbox these days!

Thinking of you dear, be well quickly.
Warm hugs - Mary

Sharing Shadymont said...

I hope you feel better quickly! Take care. I think some warm cider might do the trick. If I were nearby, I'd make you some. :) Take care!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I hope you're both feeling better now.