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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Part two of the catch up.

Hello folks!  
Thank you all for your lovely comments, you ARE a super bunch :o)
As promised I'm back with more catching up.  I have of course been out and about bargain hunting, here's a few of the things I found.  (Photo heavy post)

This delightful little Masons Cathay trinket box caught my eye amidst a shelf-full of boxes.  It stood out as quality and cost £6.  It seems to be a modern piece.

Then I found this linen Autumnal doily, around 5" square.  I loved the sweet acorns and oak leaves.
Can you believe it was only 20p?

A stoneware 'Dripping' lidded jar.

Made by Moira Pottery, who were established in 1922 and sadly closed in 1972.  £1.50.
I've only 'discovered' how much I like Stoneware fairly recently and have found it to be very useful in the kitchen.

The colour of this Royal Norfolk jug is a beautiful cobalt blue, sadly the light was not very good today and it looks almost black.  I think it will hold around 2 pints and its cost?  £1.75.

I spotted the next up last week.

This beautiful crystal handled cake knife and server, obviously made for the happy couple to cut the wedding cake was on offer for £3.  I just cannot imagine why you'd want to get rid of them after the wedding...maybe it didn't work out as happy ever after?

Then I found these two pieces of Arcadian crested ware for £1 each

If this had of been made by Goss it would have bee SO much dearer...
I have a few pieces of crested ware I will share with you another time.

I have finally found and affordable cloche, that I have got a bit carried away with!  So here are some photos of some Autumnal vignettes I've had a play with.  Most of the items I already had stashed away  Oh, the cloche is a bell shape and cost £12.

First a close up of my cloche.  Approx 9" high.

I got the cast iron squirrel on the same day for £6, oh and the single antler at the front £5.
(I just love the oak and acorn plate.)

There's always plenty of spiders about ;o)

Then I had another play around.

We had a dear friend visiting last weekend, who very kindly bought me the gorgeous Spode Chinese Rose platter as a gift :o)

Thank you Reg x  A very beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Conkers (horse chestnuts) oak leaves and another new addition, a cast iron hedgehog :o)

A cheese dome with Mom and children hedgehogs (All made by Wade)
The Autumn leaves were kindly donated by my dinky little peach tree.

An Irish Bog Oak cauldron that was always a fascination for me as a child.
And the last arrangement I made.

A bit spooky for Halloween.  Tiny pumpkins, a spooky black cat, and the antler that looks like a magic wand!

And finally, you just knew there's be news on hedgehogs.
As you know I rescued Octavia, who is now happily putting on weight at West Midland Hedgehog rescue.  I thought that she was the last visiting hedgehog, but how wrong I was...
please meet Olivia :o) another juvenile

Found in my garden on the 25th October.  Here, I've just met up with Joan on the vets car park to pass her on to WMHR.

Sooo cute.  She too is well underweight to survive the Winter hibernation.
Then, would you believe on the 27th October I found...

Otto, a very sweet, friendly young man seen here perching on my (gloved) hand at the rescue centre.
(Just in case you're wondering all names beginning with 'O' as it's October.)
It appears that these three sweethearts are all from the same litter, as they are all around the same size.  All three have been quite friendly, opening up from their curled (VERY spiky) balls quickly on my hand.
I've had long discussions with Joan about the little dears and we are both convinced that they open up easily as my gloves smell of other hedgehogs.  Once they're relaxed they seem to enjoy being stroked immensely, once the spines flatten down they feel lovely and smooth and don't hurt your bare hand at all.
 I'm a sucker for their beautiful, moist noses.  Who couldn't fall in love with a face like that?

Thank you all for putting up with such a long post.  Hope you see something you like - please leave a comment and let me know.

Happy Halloween Everyone.


Vintage Jane said...

I love all your seasonal vignettes. And lucky you to get conkers ... we have had a real shortage this year due to the bizarre summer weather.
Those little hoggies are so cute. I love them! They are so lucky to have found you ... M x

greenthumb said...

What a kind sole you are to look out and love those sweet little hogs, I love all your finds, but I'm sad to tell you i have cloche envy.

Marilyn said...

I do enjoy seeing all of your "new" treasures! But, saving the best for last is so much fun! I recently heard that one of my neighbors has a hedgehog for the two daughters. I'll have to ask them how that works for them. I have heard of having them as pets here in the USA. Thanks for sharing.♥♫

Lazy Daisy Jones said...

Rose, Oh those hedgehogs are soo sweet, we fed and housed a juvenile a couple of years ago, very smelly?.... he's still around, so it was all worth it!
Thank you for popping over to visit at mine.
I am following you now as a fellow hedgehog lover....
Best wishes Daisy J x

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

I love that doily you found!

Cloches are fun to use. I enjoyed seeing your displays. There's a blogger that does a weekly cloche party that you might enjoy linking up to now and then.

Kelly said...

Love all of your pretty new finds! Love the hedgehogs too. They are so cute. That is SO kind of you to make sure they are well taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose
I enjoyed catching up with you this evening! Beautiful finds and the Hedgehogs are wonderful! I love when you post about them.