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Saturday, 21 July 2012

This and that

Hello folks!
I've been trying to complete the Hedgehog Info Page (the link is just below the header) over the last few days - I think I have now, but you never know what I may think of next ;o)  I'd love some constructive feedback please. 
So much going on in 'real life' I'm struggling sometimes to keep up with everyone, so forgive my lack of commenting.
I'd really like to welcome my latest followers, it's great to see you here :o)  I see I'm creeping up towards the magical 100, and will have to find a giveaway when I reach that number. 
I have been popping in the charity shops and have managed to find a 'few' things, hope you like them.
(At this point frustration hits - I'd finished the L O N G draft and just hopped off to check on some facts and the above was posted by its self, and lost all the rest :o((  I'm NOT a happy blogger)  Here goes again!  You may need to get a glass of wine or a cup of tea before reading any further though ;o)

I totally forgot to show you what dear Daughter had made me when she came to visit over the Jubilee weekend, yards and yards or beautiful bunting!  Enough to trim all around the conservatory.

Isn't it jolly?  I LOVE IT - thank you dear Vicky :o)
(Sorry about the reflection of the plate on the wall)

I hate to think of all those hours of love that is put into any needle worked item and it ends up in the charity shop, I feel the need to rescue them - am I alone ?  When I spotted this 3 foot long tapestry bell pull I had to have it..

and in close up

all that work for just £3.
On the same day this sweet little cross stitched red squirrel caught my eye
4" x 4" frame - 50p

Cute eh?

By now you  know I'm obsessed I'm in love with blue and white.  Oh, and cats.  So you just know I wasn't going to resist this wall plate ;o)

and the backstamp..

Whilst typing this I realise that I didn't show you a little jug I found about a month ago on a trip to Ironbridge (which is only about 16 miles from my home.) Inevitably I'm going to visit it's one and only charity shop while I'm there!  It's a National Trust souvenir piece from beautiful Lanhydrock in Cornwall.

It's just about 2.5" high
I wonder if they're made by the famous Emma Bridgewater?
It was only two quid anyway :o) (£2)

A few weeks ago I spotted this little old crystal inkwell, the stopper was welded in place by all the dried turquoise ink that remained in it.  It's 4.5" high x 2.5" wide.  I filled a jug with warm soapy water and plunged it in over night, and next morning hey-presto the stopper came out with ease.  It took another day to soak off the ink remnants though.

I took a chance for £1.50 and it worked :o)
I wonder how many times the nib dipped into it and what wonderful words is helped to write?

(Sorry folks - I did warn you earlier it's a L O N G post, there's still more.)

On another occasion on entering the shop this struck me as beautiful, and I'm not normally into cherubs.

The little bird is so quaint.  It's china and stands 6" high, just £3.

I'm definitely NOT a Kindle kind of person, there is in my opinion nothing like holding a real book and so not surprisingly I have hundreds of them that are often read and referred to.  You know I'm like a magpie with gold colours too, so when I spied these 7" high x 4.5" wide pineapple bookends...

the original price sticker said £21, they're in perfect condition and were priced at just £4.50 :o)
Guess who's books they're holding up right now?

For some time I have been buying any hedgehog themed item to donate to the hog rescue open day to help boost funds.  Obviously there are a few items I've decided I wish to re-home...
The largest being 5.5" long.  The three items added up to £2.50.

Incidentally, the largest ones spines feel just like the real thing when you stroke it - a relaxed one of course with spines down!
Then there's this little group which includes a field mouse, it's just like home;o)

around 4" long and 5" tall, 75p.

You know I'm a collector-holic, well another thing I collect is walking sticks - not the expensive silver topped variety, but things that catch my eye.  Last week I found the smaller of the two pictured at my 'suppliers' for £3.50

The handles are antler.
In close up, the taller one

Which I bought last year from the same shop - that cost £5
and the small one

this reminded me that I'd got something a month or so back I didn't 'show' you either.
I'd looked at it for a few days in the shop until the penny (finally) dropped that it's a pen holder!

The antler is glued into a heavy granite base, and the pen fits snugly in the hole pictured on the right hand 'branch' and all for a very reasonable 50p  It sits next to the phone.

Phew, nearly finished now, just two more to go.
On Wednesday when I just happened to be passing my supplier ;o)
there was a tall stack of various vintage suitcases, this smaller one caught my eye and with a little TLC I'm certain it'll look fabulous

It's 16" x 10.5" x 5" in real leather, and a leather interior too. 
I thought £8 was a bargain.  A man bought the other five that was there while I was still browsing - but he didn't get a lovely leather one...
And FINALLY (Yes, I CAN hear your cheers!)

Yesterday this little beauty needed to be re-homed, and I had a feeling it was something special too.

A vintage pyjama case in really good condition, and a happy surprise lurked underneath

Made by 'Merrythought'.  It was £4. 
This label was used from 1957 to 1991.  Looking at the condition I believe it was made in the sixties.  The lining is in pink silk.  He's quite at home in the guest room snoozing on the bed!

I know you're thinking than goodness this post is at an end - and thank you for sticking with it!
If you have the energy and will left I'd love to read your comments - even if it's telling me to do shorter posts in future!

My very best wishes to you all


Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Rose,

It's always good to see an update from you. Are you doing a separate blog for the hedgehogs? If so, I'll be sure to check it out.

Ironically, I was just thinking about e-mailing you this week. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you from our last e-mail; things got extra busy around here. You had asked me which Brother Cadfael books I don't have, in case you should run across them sometime. There are only two now that I haven't read: "The Devil's Novice" and "The Raven in the Foregate."

I hope all is well with you. Aren't you glad you don't live in London right now? Oh my, such crowds. We're looking forward to watching the Olympics on the telly; can't wait to see London. We're watching the Tour De France right now (love the scenery). It's a lot cheaper for us than traveling internationally. :-)

Have a nice weekend, Rose.


Sharing Shadymont said...


Your post is NOT too long. I love seeing all your found treasures. You have some great items there. The bunting your daughter made for you is so pretty. I love the ink well you bought.

Have a wonderful week. Thanks for your last visit.

Dan said...

Hi Rose

I love the bunting, it looks fantastic in your conservatory. What a lot of finds you have made. I agree with what you say about handcrafted good that find their way into charity shops. My friend picked up a quilt that was an absolute steal.
Really love the cat plate. It's lovely that you're collecting hedgehogs for charity.

Julie said...

No, don't do shorter posts, I like the long ones! I love all your finds. I am like you and do not read Kindle books. I found a set of spaniel dog bookends too, this past Saturday at a consignment shop. I collect vintage dog bookends. You are not surprised, are you? They were originally $15.00 but were 25% off so I didn't feel too guilty.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

All are wonderful finds, Rose! The bell pull is fabulous and I absolutely love the walking sticks!

Thanks for stopping by. I am trying to get back into the swing of things.

Vintage Jane said...

Wow, you have been out treasure hunting! I love the little leather case and the pineapple bookends. Sorry I haven't followed up the 'Sunshine Award' yet but I will get around to it soon. M x

his_girl_friday said...

So much sweetness

Pam said...

You certainly have found some treasures Rose. The walking sticks are amazing. Haven't seen anything like those before. xx

ann said...

You have found great treasures. Why does it seem that other towns, other countries have such cool stuff? Of course, I am not out looking a lot. All of my British blog friends have been complaining about the rain. So which is worse: too much rain or too much hot sun? I suppose it depends under which condition one must be living. We would gladly trade some sun for some rain. I hope you get all of the bugs worked out of the hedge hog page. When I clicked on the link the page was there but with a message that the page was not available.

Mary said...

Rose, I don't know what happened but I realized today that I've not been getting any of your posts since I went to Africa! I see I still appear on your Google Friend Connect but nothing is being fed to my blog when you post. Has anyone else mentioned a problem like this?

Love looking back through all the treasure hunts - you found some great things. Love the Lanhydrock jug - and that does appear to be Emma Bridgewater's logo.

The hoggies are delightful and so healthy looking.

Hope you have time to stop by and see my pics from Africa was an awesome trip and Bob enjoyed it too.

Hope all is well dear - have a wonderful week.
Love, Mary

acorn hollow said...

wow what a great finds! I love the bell pull such great work.

Jooles said...

Gosh that is a wonderful collection of goodies! i adore your blue and white pretty
love jooles x

Nancy Claeys said...

I'm jealous of your finds, but somewhat happy that I don't live where you do. Too much good stuff to be had. :)

Claire Allouch said...

Hi !
I discovered your blog while browsing the internet for Bridgewater stuff.
No doubt the jug is a Bridgewater item, and very lovely too! It was designed by her husband Matthew Rice and in my opinion must be quite rare. You're lucky to have spotted it!

(Sorry if you received my comment twice, I had to create an account and it took some time, so I gave up and closed the "window" and I'm not sure you got it the first time.
Anyway, I thought you'd like to know more about the jug. :°) )

(And if ever you want to part with it, I could provide it a loving home ! ;°) )

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Claire
Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate the information :o)
I had no idea it was designed by her husband. Sorry, it fits in rather well here - so no chance of sending it to a foster home ;o)
Thanks again.
Rose H

Mrs. Sutton said...

Oh I LOVE those bookends - how fabulous and what a bargain! I cannot get my head around the idea of a kindle either. I adore handling books, and I even enjoy the dust covers and back pages. Buying a book is so much more than just the reading - I can't imagine catching sight of a kindle and it bringing back memories of when I read a particular book because of the weight and look and smell of the pages!
Best wishes,
Paula x
p.s. The 3 ft long tapestry is an absolute gem of a find - well done!

Claire Allouch said...

Hi, Rose !

I was browsing the internet again, when I saw this auction. It ended a long time ago, but I thought you might like to see the lovely pictures. It seems your little jug has a sister, which seems rather on the smallish side. I notice the pattern on the underside is exactly similar to the one on your jug.

I hope the link works. If it doesn't, I typed "emma bridgewater national trust jug" on G**gle Image. :-)

I wish you a very happy Chrismas.


Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you Claire - goodness it was expensive wasn't it! Mine surely WAS a bargain :o)
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too.