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Monday, 2 July 2012

Nothin' much in the way of bargains.

Hi folks !

Thank you for your lovely comments on the award :o)

Nothing much doing on the bargain front at the moment, though of course I have a hoggie update.

May is still visiting though her white spot is hardly visible any more, here's a photo of her gobbling up some of the mountains of dried mealworms I scatter around the borders each night.
(This lot is between the rhubarb and the cat-nip)

and close up :o)

Too busy eating!

Then, a few nights later (I think it was Friday) It was boiling hot and DRY (!) we had the door wide open, hubby was busy on his lap top when we heard a loud snuffling. 
"What on EARTH is that?" asked hubby,
"Hedgehogs" I replied.
"No way, it's too loud!"
"Go see if you don't believe me then."

The smaller (male) on the right of the photo was snuffling loudly, and the female was circling him - that SHOULD have been him doing the circling, but he was quite immature.

Round and around

and around they went, for the next 35 minutes!

The snuffling getting louder and louder... and still they circle!

Finally, the little lady gave up and trotted off to feed , leaving 'him' dizzy, wondering what had happened!
I know that this IS mating behaviour, but I'm positive that 'he' is just too young to mate - He certainly enjoyed the practicing though ;o)
(Notice how lovely and shiny their spines are, they were in very good condition.)

I love poppies, and at the moment there are quite a few making me smile broadly in the garden, here's a shot of a favourite self seeded variety - hence no name.

I  love it's shaggy centre :o)  of course it has raindrops on it.

And more coming into bloom - what joy!

I had to go to town for a hairdressing appointment last Wednesday.  The car park is surrounded by trees, and as they've been cutting some down I'm always on the look out for (free) additions to my log piles, when I was wondering about I found an amazing array of fungi growing.

And finally,

Now, I really must have a look for to see if I can identify them.

Hope you've enjoyed my ramble today.

Best wishes to all


Marilyn said...

I wonder if the hedgies are as noisy as my two tom cats that yeowl at each other. Neither one will give up my territory! Pretty poppy.♥♫

greenthumb said...

It alway makes me smile to see what those little Hedgehogs have been up to. I love Poppies, thats what i want to learn how to make this term in my cake decorating class.

ann said...

Oh I do enjoy your rambling. I am glad that May is still around. With the free food, she will probably stay close. The little hedgehogs are so endearing. The closest we have are are voles, and they are not endearing. Nor are they even cute. Have a good week.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I wish it was wet enough here to grow mushrooms! still above 105 and no rain :(

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Rose,

I love this post!! Those hedgehogs are so darned cute. :) I can't believe how tiny he looks in the first photo. Unfortunately, we never saw any hedgehogs when we visited England, but we're pretty sure we saw a badger one night. Anyway, this is such a funny story about the snuffling and the circling.

I noticed one of your posts from May 2011 when you visited the David Austin rose center. I LOVE David Austin roses. We have a David Austin called "Gertrude Jeckyll." It's one of my favorite roses I've ever come across. The color and shape are lovely, and the fragrance is just amazing. Roses don't do so well in our part of North Carolina, but I was told at the garden shop three years ago that the Gertrude Jeckyll would adapt well here. So far, so good.

Just wanted to let you know that I've been re-reading Brother Cadfael books, and have read all in the series but two, which I can't seem to find locally. These are such beautifully written books; I'm enjoying them more the second time around than the first.

Hope you have a great week, Rose!

Best wishes,


Kelly said...

I think that is so cute to be able to see hedgehogs running around like that! I'm sure they were fun to watch. My dog would've been going crazy trying to get to them! Ha!

Leontien said...

Thanks for the ramble! i thought those little hedgehogs were so cute!

We call them "Egels" but we only saw them int the fall.

Big hugs

Nancy Claeys said...

How cute are they? How fun to have hedgehogs in the garden. Wouldn't it be great if they had babies?

Your poppies are lovely. My mom's favorite flower. xo

acorn hollow said...

what great pictures!I love hearing about your little hedgehogs.

Kim said...

How funny - I've just posted about poppies and fungi too just before I visited your blog! Aww the little hedgepigs are just so cute. On the day we lost my Dad, my brother found two tiny hedgies on his patio when he went outside - he just managed to catch a photo before they scuttled off. He's convinced there was another one just out of sight too. He's so pleased! Hope you're ok chuck xx

pembrokeshire lass said...

You visited me and now I'm returning the visit! I'm so glad I did. Just loved the photos of the hedgehogs. I've seen them in the lane late at night but not in anyone's garden like yours. Such close up shots too! Loved the poppy pictures too. Joan

Riddlers cottage flowers said...

I have just found you will enjoy reading your lovely blog.Lesley.

Leanne said...

bad manners I know,, but I really WANT your hedgehogs!! sorry rose!! but they are gorgeous with a capital G!!

Leanne x

...Tabiboo... said...

Hedgehogs - so cute - I love hedgehogs and the funny little snuffles they make...but not when they wake me up in the middle of the night.

Nina xxx