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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Then, just as I was leaving.... (And an admission)

Hi gang!  Phew, it's so hot today  28c (82.4f) I'm rendering down - I wish!

Dear hubby has gone to Germany for a motorbike rally this weekend. so I've been left to amuse myself :o)   (I don't think you know I've been a pillion rider since I was 8 years old on my Dad's motorbikes).
Yesterday, a miserable 'moist' day - I decided to go to TK Maxx to see if the two things I'd liked were still there - pah! should have got the blue and white Chinese pottery stool and the 'seaweed' candlesticks when I saw them last week :o(  Both gone.  So to cheer myself up I called and had a carvery lunch at the pub we go to in the week for a meal. ( I'm so boring, it's with either with a pot of tea or a diet Coke).  After a lovely lunch I toddled off in the car for a mooch around.  Back through the village to the charity shop.  There I found - two topiary frames.

A duck

and a squirrel.
I have some small box plants - these may fit over them to train.
50p each

3 books of sheet music total £1
just in case I find inspiration to use it in crafts.
I thought this one was apt though.
The original price was 2/- each, (that's 10p)

Then,  just as I was leaving - AND I nearly missed it...
I found this, I couldn't believe my eyes.

an ORIGINAL Staffordshire 'flatback' figurine spill vase!
(Okay, it's not too pretty...) 10.5" tall.

I love the basket of fruit though.

not the handsomest couple either!

The gold lines are rubbed just enough too.
I've REALLY studied these, my friend and neighbour has too and we both conclude they're genuine.
I haven't told you the price yet have I?  Believe it or not £1.50.
Truthfully, I have to find the 'right' place for it yet - but I will!

Then, I fancied a 'ride down the lanes'.  Brewood, the village I went to see Henry Sandon in had a few signs out for 'open gardens' so off I popped, though by now it was raining quite hard.  I drove to the car park and passed a private garage that had a few things for sale, got out the brolly and found another haul!

A Portmerion Christmas Candle, unused.

A couple of Quantock Pottery cats,

A funky 'crown' mirror approx 12" tall, and a couple of Good Homes magazines all for £1

Then,  just as I was leaving... (do you notice the pattern here?)
I spotted this.

A heavy wooden kitchen stool! 
Okay, not exiting I know - but when you suffer occasionally with a bad back it's just the ticket at the kitchen sink :o)
Oh, another pattern here......£1.50!
It was rather dirty and a bit rickety, but a good wash down with Pledge Wood Wash and tightened all the screws soon sorted that out.  I may get daring and give it a coat of paint, who knows?
By this time it was raining SO hard I decided to go home and have a nice cuppa.

Now, for my admission.  Last week I returned to David Austin Roses.  I was over half way there and realised that the camera was still on the kitchen worktop :o(  I know you'll all scream as most of the roses were in bloom.  It looked and smelt astounding too.
I'd had those puffins playing on my mind....
to the left of centre.

I'll be honest, I was dreading looking at the cost, but I'm happy to say they were only £3.99.
Then I saw another tile I liked too - they're actually pot stands. 6"x 6"

Now they hang in the entrance hall - by the doorway.
We have a seaside theme going on here, I found a couple of other things there too that I just couldn't leave behind.
The first was the 'oyster' painted sign.. (36" x 5") £12.99

That hangs over the beautiful boat tile (14" x 11") that started the whole theme off.
And lastly, I've been after a Monkey Fist knotted door stop for some time, but the cost has been astronomical for what they are - the cheapest I'd seen was £30!  I spied one in their (new) display, and tentatively looked at the price tag.  I was astounded £14.95 :o)

So now it sits, waiting to hold the door open :o)

I'll have to show you more of the hallway and downstairs cloak another day.

Hope you forgive me forgetting the camera.

Have a great week everyone - hope the weather stays good (but a little cooler)

Best wishes to all.


My Spotty Pony said...

What lovely finds, and at amazing prices too! The Staffordshire flatback looks like the real thing to me too, I am glad for you that you spotted it.
I love your seaside theme, I have always fancied a beach hut so I could do it up with the kind of things that you have chosen :)
Such a shame about those rose pictures....
only joking! Have a great week, Abby

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

My word, you need to get bored more often. You found such unreal treasures. I love everything. Hugs, Marty

Aunty Bee said...

I think the husband should go away more often, what wonderful treasures, I especially love the door stop never seen anything like it, very nice, love the beach theme in fact, love everything.

Brownieville Girl said...

Forgiven ..... just this once!!!!!!

Great haul as per usual Rose! Really love those tiles.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Looks like your making good use of your time alone! Great finds and the portmerion matches the christmas dishes I bought once in England!

George the Lad said...

Me thinks Uncle Trev is going to be a bit hot!!!
I tell yea I'm pooped, this heat!!!
You got some nice fines there, I thought that ball of rope was for Sid to play with!
I did read your other post, what a missery guts he is, just shows how TV can give you the wrong
impression of someone.
Have a good week
See Yea George xxx

Anonymous said...

What great treasures you found ... I just adore that funky crown mirror!

Looks like you did just fine amusing yourself while hubs was away :)

♥ Cat brideblu

acorn hollow said...

what a wonderful post loved all of your finds of course the squirrel was my favorite. look out when you get bored you are on the move for sure.