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Sunday, 5 June 2011

I've found a few more 'things'.

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for 'sticking with me' over the last weeks of adversity with Blogger - I've a feeling that upgrading to Internet Explorer 9 has a LOT to do with it :o(

Welcome to my new followers :o)  So pleased you've joined in!  Sorry you've had to wait so long for a post.

I've been struggling to find any 'bargains' lately - dunno what's been happening at the local charity shops, but just nothing to tempt me.  Anyway, here's the items I have'found' over the last few weeks   :o)

Okay, so ignore the reflections!  This heavy, polished aluminium vase I spotted is bound for Nottingham (dear Daughters)  She loves silver coloured items.  It's in lovely 'as new' condition approx 10" tall and was only £1.75.

Sitting on top of the vase is (another) blue & white carpet bowl 3.25" diameter
£1.  Okay, we ALL know I love blue and white!

I had a 'charity shop' day out with my dear friend Sandy to visit Wellington (Shropshire) a couple of weeks ago...there's LOADS of charity shops there!  Here's a selection of lovely 'finds' from there.

From the first shop we visited I spotted this delightful jug.  It looks really old but is in fact a modern one 'made in China'.  Standing 6" tall, perfect condition and only £1.99.  I pictured it filled with blooms from the garden.....Ta-da!
I was right, it looks lovely - well that's my opinion ;o)
For those who'd like to know - the flowers are.
Blue, Nepeta (cat-nip, now WHY would I have that in my garden?!)
Pink, Saxifrage-urbium (London Pride, this grows profusly along my greenhouse)
Red Heuchera, (I've just one clump of this from my childhood home)
Green, Alchemilla Mollis (Lady's Mantle. This randy little plant seeds itself all over the place! I love the way rain settles on the leaves though)
A set of six golden beaded place mats for £1.99!
(Sorry, colours shown are a bit wishy washy)
This lovely 8"x6" oval plate 'Iuan' pattern by Wood & Sons England £1.50
Is now sitting on my dresser.

Back to the 'local' shops...
Well, this beauty cost £1.75!  Quite a 'squat' shape for a teapot, but still gorgeous!
5" High x 9.5" spout to handle.  Made by (Enoch & Ralph) Woods Ware England.
Pours beautifully too.  (Why do they manufacture teapots that 'dribble' tea everywhere?  Surely, they're 'not fit for purpose'?)
A delightful 'Teddies' hat box.  15" Diameter, £1.
Great storage :o)

(Now, in the background there is my pine dresser - I've toyed with the idea of painting it with a 'wash' but I'm put off by the thought of the knots 'bleeding' through.  I know lots of you paint furniture, so I'll pick your brains - If I decide to go ahead with it do I need to seal each knot?  Thanks for your assistance and advice)

Now, despite my love of blue and white I'm finding a few red pieces too.
Masons 'Vista' dish 6.5" x 5" with a VERY small chip underneath, £1.50

I also found 4 lovely deep red napkins for £1, but try as I may they will not photograph even near the real colour (?) so I decided top leave out the picture.

This set of (70's) stainless steel cake forks as you can see were £3.
I do have a lovely boxed set of silver plated ones, but hubby gets 'shocks' in his mouth if he uses silver flatware.  So when I saw these I thought 'why not?'
There was also this Trug, 14" long x 8" high x 7" wide
(tilted view!)
Could YOU have left it there?
I'm sure it will find plenty of use :o)

These glass 'dragon's droppings' as we call them were bagged up at 50p a bag.
As you can see I got 9 bags!  I use them scattered between my dragons, and I've got so many (now) I've even sprinkled a few around my pots of plants outside :o)
(There will be a shipment to Nottingham too!)

Lastly, I love gold, (and pairs).  I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but - 

When I saw this Marks & Spencer trinket box I HAD to buy it!
£1.50, approx 8" Sq.  I already have an identical one in our guest room - now there's on on each bedside cabinet.  (This still had it's original £12 price tag on it too)

The lid.

Well, that concludes this post.  Hope you like some of my treasures :o)

See you all soon, have a great week!

Best wishes

Here's a late addition I forgot to add to the post ...
Found this cute bird yesterday at our 'expensive' charity shop
(excuse the exposure being a little dark - taken at 1am this morning!)

See you soon, Bye :o)


Vintage Jane said...

Wow, so many treasures. I've not had a good find in a charity shop for a while now; our local tip is pretty good though!!
I know you can get 'knot sealer' for pine but haven't tried it myself. Annie Sloan (paint for girls) is brill for painting furniture as you don't need to do any prep. It's expensive but worth it. You just slap it on, give it a coat of wax once dry and you're done. M x

Bayside Rose said...

Hi Rose, The blooms from your garden are beautiful. I love everything else that you bought - especially the teapot and the trug.

Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Pam x

Louise said...

What great finds! I think we have been through Wellington once of twice but never stopped there.

Glad you enjoyed my latest photos. Are you interested in the low season tickets I mentioned?! Just let me know if so!

My Spotty Pony said...

I love all your finds, especially the white jug, which looks amazing filled with your lovely flowers. I laughed so much at your comment about Lady's Mantle being a "randy little plant". It is all over my garden and has found it's way into every nook and cranny. But as you say, after rain it looks beautiful.
Abby xx

pattypan.2 said...

Hi Rose

Some lovely finds as usual. Boy is your daughter lucky all those lovely pieces you have found for her.

The charity shops here in Peterborough are not as cheap as they used to be the average price you pay for some of the pieces you have shown is over 35 or more. All the City Centre shops seem to have employed "professionals" to price the finds - which in one sense I appreciate - but then where you would pick something up that only cost a couple of pounds, you think twice about if you have to pay over £5. I am off to Scotland at the end of next week for a holiday so am hoping to have a poke about in some of the charity shops up there to see if I can find any little treasures to bring back home as it is a while also since I indulged.

Take care Rose and hope you week is a good one too.



P.S. I love the blue and white

Rose H (UK) said...

Hi Pattypan, you've hit the nail on the head - my favourite charity shop is now 'under new management'. They had a stone hot waterbottle in on the first day of the new regime for £15 - £5.50 than one I spotted at an Antique centre last Sunday! Items sit in our 'expensive' shop for weeks and are then shipped off to other shops - and I've seen the same things in them even dearer! Sorry, but they are donated everything and have little overheads to pay so even if they sold everything for £1 they'd be quids in. Charity or not I'm certainly not spending more than I think is reasonable. Okay, off my soapbox :o)
Enjoy Scotland!
Rose H x

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Wow, looks to me like you found some gorgeous pieces. Love the silver, and the blue and red pieces are fabulous. All in all I say you really made a haul. Hugs, Marty

Anonymous said...

Love it all!

Brownieville Girl
(Blogger playing up on me!!)