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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday morning on Cannock Chase.

Hi Folks!

First and foremost, I MUST thank you for your lovely comments on my last post - I'm sorry that I didn't reply to you all, (hangs head in shame).

This morning I had to take hubs to Stafford Showground as he has a bike in the Classic Motorcycle show there.  I decided to come back home through the 'Chase' and see what I could find to photograph.  (Click on any photo to enlarge.)

I found this little chaffinch hunkering down out of the wind.

Another one with a beak-full!

A male great tit and another chaffinch.

Then there was the magpie, female pheasant and the male great tit. 

Magpies feeding their face ;o)
(I LOVE magpies)

Sadly, there were far too many folk out and about to see any deer, but I caught these images the other afternoon (17th October) when I escaped for a few hours.

Melanistic fallow doe

Melanistic 'pricket' fallow buck
(first antlers)

* * *

I've started to capture and weigh my little spiky garden visitors to make sure they have enough fat reserves to last the Winter hibernation (at this time of year minimum of 700g.  So far the three I've weighed were - 1.2kg! 900g and the first juvenile I've seen this year that was only 400g.  She has been taken to West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue so that my dear friend Joan can 'fatten her up to a safe weight and then she'll be released back into my garden at an appropriate time,'  :o)
Keep an eye out for hogs and weigh them too.  If you see one out in the daylight there IS a problem.  (See my hedgehog info page for details)

I leave you one happy lady!

Best wishes to all.



rusty duck said...

Beautiful shots Rose, but especially the deer. You either have a very long lens or you did a great job sneaking up on them!

acorn hollow said...

lovely pictures. The little hedge hogs are very lucky to be in your garden

ann said...

I always welcome your posts and enjoy reading about the little hogs, which we don't have here. I think it is wonderful that you help nurture them I always enjoy, too, seeing the wildlife of the English countryside, especially birds since I am an avid bird feeder and watcher here. Aren't those little deer cute? Hope to see you back soon, Rose. Have a wonderful week.

Snowbird said...

What a beautiful array of pics here to brighten my day, you do take such wonderful photos! I loved the birds, I am a magpie fan too, they get terrible press poor things. The deer pics took my breath away, how lucky you are to get so close to such exquisite creatures....
I'm so pleased to hear you have caught the small hog, we had two in the rescue today about the same weight, we're also getting lots of size of the adults must be feeding them well!xxx

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Rose, so very glad to see you post! I have missed you.

Snowbird said...

What a wonderful post, how very lucky you are to have such varied wildlife so close by....the birds are gorgeous, I too am a fan of magpies, the poor things do get bad press don't they.
The deer pics made my day, absolutely stunning!
I'm so glad you are taking such good care of your hogs, how lucky they are, gosh....the size of the big ones....sounds like you are feeding them well....delighted to hear you caught the littlun and got it to Joan!xxx