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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Thought I'd better check in again.

Hi folks, yes - it's really me!

I'd like to thank sincerely, those of you who have contacted me, concerned that I was okay.
I hope that you are all still out there, and haven't lost interest during my absence - and of course all is well with you.

Time flies and I can hardly believe that it's been four months since I last posted.
I'd lie if I said it hadn't been a stressful four months with various things going on, and as you can imagine my Mother has been at the centre of a lot of it.  Her dementia continues to run it's course, she is still refusing any outside help and so I continue to go each day with her meds and to make sure that her beautiful cat Teddy is fed - she forgets otherwise.

We've had other problems in the family, and I admit that there's been a black dog following me around for a while, which is the main reason for my low profile.  I feel that I'm gaining a better hold though now and my face doesn't seem to leak as much - thank goodness.  I have visited blogs a couple of times a week, though I know I've missed a lot that's been going on.

Anyway, that's enough of that.  Updates on my sweet little prickly friends.
Since I posted Juvenile Hedgehogs  way back in November, I captured a further five underweight juveniles the following night, making a total of NINE!  Poor Joan was overwhelmed with these and many more that came into the rescue centre.

One of the 200 - 250g hogs

Two more

Double decked carriers waiting overnight in the laundry with the five hogs inside.

I also had another two brought to me by neighbours who were found in daylight, but sadly neither of them made it.

Joan kept my nine (!) and fed them up over the Winter, but again sadly two of those didn't make it either.  BUT the seven that did make it were released back into the garden in late March and early April during the mild weather we were having.  The hedgehog boxes in the garden were waiting for them :o)  They all came back like fat footballs, five of them weighed in at over a kilo!

The first three paint marked and ready for freedom :o)
The big bruiser - the heaviest one.

I'm pleased to report that they've ALL prospered and were joined by at least three of last years adults.  I continue to feed and look out for them.
Oh, I almost forgot - a few weeks after release I awoke one morning to find one (very large one)  feeding in the garden, and I knew that wasn't right.  I weighed it and it seemed to be okay but it wasn't curling up, but after speaking to Joan we decided that she'd better take him in to check over.  His eyes appeared to be bright and there was nothing apparently wrong.  He was wormed and given a dose of antibiotics, then after a night at the rescue centre was released again.  Joan's only comment was that he was very randy!  So we put his daylight hours down to keeping his strength up ;o) and I decided to christen him Dick!  BUT the following day a neighbour came round and said that there was a very large paint marked hedgehog in her garden looking for food.  When I checked it was Dick.  I contacted Joan again, and after much discussion I checked his eyes again - still clear and bright.  Joan asked me to put my finger towards his eyes - he didn't flinch at all.  So off he went again back to the rescue centre.  He was certainly blind, and even though Joan had over wintered him it wasn't apparent at all, and we wondered if something had happened since his release?  He couldn't be returned to the wild as his life would be in danger without sight. 
Happily though Joan has some very good contacts, a few of them have very large, enclosed gardens in which disabled or blind hogs can live safely and happily.  A retired farmer who lives near to us both offered (the now re-named) Dead-eyed Dick a permanent home in his walled garden.  We both went along to release him into his new home.  Here he is settling into his new home.

a corner of Dead-eyed Dick's new garden.

The good news is that he has settled in well and there is also a young three legged lady hedgehog living there, so you never know there could be some little babies this Summer :o)  We're all just hoping they have four legs and are not carrying white sticks ;o)

I'll be back again with more in the next week or two.

Sending love and best wishes


Liz said...

Glad to have you back! How wonderful that the blind hedgehog could find a fabulous and safe home. Keep well.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

rusty duck said...

Hiya, great to see you back and the hogs thriving. Wish we had some here, still not seen one!

Jay said...

It's so lovely to hear from you Rose, I'm sorry you've not been having the best of times, I have been thinking of you.
I'm sitting here giggling about dead-eyed Dick by the way!

Leanne said...

hello my lovely! Im so sorry times have been rough for you, and yet youve still found time to care for all the little hogs. Here's a wish that troubles ease off a little for you Rose.

Leanne x

ann said...

Hi Rosie. I have missed reading about the hedgehogs. I have missed you. You sound cheerful. Glad to have you back.

Kathy Moreland said...

So good to see a post from you! Glad you are feeling better. Good luck to your hedgies!!

greenthumb said...

Just thinking about you the other day and all of your little Hogs, good to see you back.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Yeah a post!!! Dead eye Dick, you make me laugh!
I never hear a thing about a hedgehog that I don't think of sweet little you!

Snowbird said...

How lovely to see you back, I have missed you and your posts.
I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with your mother, dementia is a terrible curse.I hope things improve and you get some help.
Wonderful to hear of your hogs and to see them back where they belong....I was smiling about Dick, he is a bonny lad! They do well even when blind don't they, their eyesight is poor but they make up for it with their powerful sense of smell. I hope there will be more hoglets come June! A marvelous uplifting

Vintage Jane said...

Hi Rose,
It was so lovely to check in and see a post from you today. I know you've been having a rough old time and often wonder how you are.
Rescuing all those little (and large!) hogs must certainly take your mind off your troubles for a while ... if only they knew how lucky they are!
Take care and please take some time out for yourself as well if you possibly can. M x

Kim said...

Rose I'm so glad to see you blogging again. Hugs to you for your difficult time. I had to laugh about randy old Dead Eyed Dick! At least his three legged lady friend can't run away too quickly from him! Its good to see you around my love xxxx

Mary said...

Oh sweet Rose, so good of you to leave me a comment on my upcoming trip today - many thanks and I just wish we could have longer in England, perhaps meet up, but I'm not even going home to Devon this time! My brother and SIL are coming over from France to meet us in London for a few days after the cruise, then we fly home here.
The whole trip sounds exciting - just as long as Putin doesn't cause trouble - we long to see the glories of St. Petersburg and have already made arrangements for a two day tour there, so fingers crossed nothing unforeseen occurs to prevent it!

The dear hoagies are doing so well, thanks to you, Joan, the people who rescue them and the people such as the gentleman with the walled garden. Will be fabulous to have some baby hoggies appear there perhaps later!

Hope things improve for mom - that Teddy cat is so sweet looking - you're a good cat grandma!!

Love and hugs - take care dear friend.
Mary x

Little Blue Mouse said...

It's good to see you back and I'm glad you're feeling better.

Aril said...

Welcome back Rose. Such a good soul helping all those lovely little hogs. Let's hope for a good breeding season and lots of healthy hoglets. Am so glad that Dead Eye Dick now has a safe home!

Leanne said...

hello again Rose, something that may be of interest to you, (if you dont know already of course!)

Leanne x

Louise said...

Lovely to hear from again. Sorry you haven't had the best few months but I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, and inclined to blog!

Vintage Jane said...

Hi Rose ... I heard an article on the news today about a hedgehog rescue centre that has had two rare albino hedgehogs recently and it made me think of you. Hope everything is ok ...
M x