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Friday, 4 October 2013

Wollerton Old Hall Garden.

Hi Folks!  Thank you for your wonderful comments and welcome back on my last post.  
I MUST also welcome two new followers to the fold, great to see you here :o)

As promised last time this post is about the fabulous private gardens I visited with my dear friend George's Mom.  Wollerton Old Hall Garden (the hall is a private residence and not open to visitors.)
They are open from 12 noon to 5pm on Fridays, Sundays and Bank Holidays From Good Friday until The end of August, and Fridays only during September.  At the time it cost just £6 entrance fee - let me tell you it's well worth every penny.
I realise that they are now closed for the season, but believe me it's worth making a note of them for next year.  It's also a brilliant place for any budding photographers ;o) (I took around 180 photos!)  As you may guess this IS a photo heavy post.

The magnificent Old Hall which dates from the mid 1500's that magically appears as you walk along the twisting, tree lined driveway to the entrance of the gardens.

As you enter the gardens through the gate 

this is the first courtyard with it's amazing topiary.

and around another corner the 'Old Garden'

leading to 'The Rill Garden', it took a long time to get a clear shot as there were so many visitors that day.

The flower beds are a most astounding site, and I've NEVER seen so many different types of very busy bees in one place.

and from the other end of this walk..

such wonderful shapes...
Like 'The Lime Walk'


and I was assured scents - I have no sense of smell :o(

The bees were intent on work and not bothering anyone.

I see 7 here, can you see more?

comin' in to land 

Some were even nesting amidst the topiary!

Butterflies galore!

 and curious caterpillars too..

The Well Garden

Just around the corner from here there is a very lovely tea rooms filled to the brim with luscious food and drinks.

and just at the far end of that shot the tallest hollyhocks I've seen, again covered in bees...

heavily dusted 

with pollen :o)

There is also an 'old' summer house, where I could have happily sat

and enjoyed more flowers.

before leaving by the other door,

and looking back

over these oak gates :o)

Yes, that was a most enjoyable day that I can highly recommend it.

Best wishes to you all.

x x x

Forgot to say, there's a brilliant plant nursery too - guess who bought a few back with her ;o)


Louise said...

I really enjoyed this post as this was somewhere that was on my 'list' when Dave lived in Wolves - we never managed to visit, but it looks great so I'm sure I'll go one day!

Marilyn said...

It must have been a fabulous visit! All I can say is maybe, ...someday! Sadly, we had our first taste of winter this morning with a dusting of snow. Now this afternoon there's a COLD wind blowing with temperatures well below freezing tonight. One good thing is that Indian Summer will begin after the hard frost! Thanks for sharing this wonderful garden.♥♫

Kathy Moreland said...

This is amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Jay said...

Wow what a stunning place Rose, and you photos are beautiful too. I could while away some hours there.

ann said...

So gorgeous, Rosie. My friend and I are trying to plan a trip to the Uk next summer. I want to see it ALL.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have missed you as you know.
I have not posted as much either since I have been busy. You got new one hardly reads my posts since now.

The garden pictures are just gorgeous!

Snowbird said...

Oh what a place....sighs...I now want to have box everywhere....instantly....what have you done???

I love your pics, gorgeous.xxxx

Wendy said...

Beautiful gardens, I love those Hollyhocks and it's wonderful to see all the bees and butterflies enjoying the flowers. The Hall looks fabulous, too. Happy planting with your new collection of plants!

Hayley said...

That place looks amazing! I want that garden! xx

Vintage Jane said...

Hi Rose ... what a wonderful place - I wish we lived closer. Your photos are brilliant - love all the close ups. M x