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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Not many purchases...

Hello folks, hope all is well with you.

Nearly a month since my last post and lots of things been happening around here keeping me busy (especially Mom) who's been loosing lots of things, even her false teeth!  They haven't been found and we are convinced  they have been 'flushed' away...four weeks later the good old NHS had made her a replacement set and her bank balance is £209 pounds lighter (the dentist has given her the moulds to keep though - just in case....  
Keys are moving around the flat at an alarming rate, and that flippin' TV remote is still giving me grief too.  

I've actually managed to get into the gardens and have been sorting out, though still seeds sit in the packets awaiting planting.  I finally risked taking over-wintering plants out of the green house this week.  I shall have to take a few photos now the daffs are out.

I'm certainly cutting back on finds too, but have just a few to show you.

Spode Blue Italian coasters x 6 for £2.50 :o)

Old Willow pattern ginger jar minus lid
that I'll use as a pen jar in the study

Pretty 30's cruet  75p

Little Tortoise (Calico) cat to add to the collection

* * *

Though it seems an AGE since the snow and ice was around here I never got around to posting an amazing thing.  Driving down one of the lanes as the snow was melting during the day and then freezing temperatures at night I found this sight..

Puddles in the road, but in the hedge a wall of..


There was only this one patch running for around 12 feet along where the cars had sprayed through the puddles.  (The hedge is around 4 feet high)
I've never seen anything like it before, have you?

* * *

Now, you knew that my dear little hedgehogs would be getting a mention!

I had a call from Joan at the rescue centre on Sunday afternoon, one of the remaining two hogs I'd rescued as an Autumn Juvenile was ready for release, could I collect him?  You betcha!

It was around 27th October last year that I took Otto in, he was very wee and weighed in at 354gms.  Well things have certainly changed...
Meet BIG BEEFY OTTO now, drum roll please.

Weighing in at 1040gms!  (Still as spiky)
I painted the obligatory white marking on him before release to ensure I can identify him.
He was snuggled into one of my hog boxes, all snugly lined with hay and left to his own devices.  Within around 2 minutes he sped off and hasn't been seen since :o(  I'm confident he's okay though and know he'll return eventually if only to fill up on the free meal worms!

Then, yesterday Joan rang again - Olivia is out of her (short) hibernation and raring to go!  So she was collected last night.  She was 238gms when I Joan took her for the Winter.  Just look at the  my little sweetheart now :o)

756gms, and still tame and not nearly as spiky as Otto!
She too had her spines marked for ID and was snuggled into a hog box, but surprise, surprise she's done a bunk too....

Joan had quite a few other hogs needing new, safe homes after being overwintered and as I had another spare box - yes, you've guessed I bought Archie home too :o))

Now, he's a REAL big boy weighing in at 1059gms.  Also marked for ID and has also done a bunk!

I do have one resident hedgehog though, and there are at least two others visiting each night.  I shall keep my eyes peeled for these three, and although it's sad that they haven't decided to stay in my garden I'm happy that they have a darn good start and have an excellent chance of living a happy hoggie life, and you never know some hedgehog babies (now I'd LOVE that!)  If I do have any sighting of them I will of course tell you!

Sending my very best wishes to you all.


Denise said...

Hi Rose,

Boy, it's good to see you again; I've missed you! It sounds like you've definitely been busy.

I love your Spode coasters and the Old Willow ginger jar; blue and white is just so classic. Those pictures you took of the icicles in the hedgerow are AMAZING!! I'm not kidding, I think they could be in a magazine. I've never seen anything like that.

I'm sure you must be glad to see Spring, as we all are over here. I hope you get to plant your seeds soon. The hedgehogs are as cute as can be. :) I think Olivia is the cutest. My how they've all grown.

I hope you have a wonderful week, Rose!


Denise at Forest Manor

rusty duck said...

Beautiful hogs! Oh I wish we had some here.. you're right, I'm sure they'll be back when they realise where the food is!

42home said...

Hello Rose,

Your finds are always amazing and that blue willow jar -so envious over here...and the prices. Very lucky you.

How cute are those hedgehogs. I think it is lovely that the rescue people give them back to you to release. You should be proud.

Take care and I hope you do not lose too many things in the house. :) xx

Marilyn said...

Hope I can keep my mind as good as my mom's-she's 88-and is quite sharp! She just doesn't get out to enjoy working in her yard. Falling scares the life out of her, so she limits herself severely. Delightful hedgie news.♥♫

Kathy Moreland said...

So sorry to hear your Mother is still having problems. My oldest sister is having a really tough time right now with her health. She has gastric peresis, and her memory has just gone. She can't remember anything much. She has been in hospital at least five times in the last couple months.

On a happier note, I love your finds. The hedge filled with icecicles is amazing. So unusual and beautiful.

Have a great weekend, my friend. Glad to see you post today!!

greenthumb said...

What a great looking ice hedge, oh and those little hogs are so sweet.

Mary said...

Sweet Rose, glad to see your post today. I feel for you and your situation with mom - it's so hard I know when things like this happen. I hope she takes care of her nice new choppers, they are expensive to replace! Bob's mom is back in the hospital this week - congestive heart failure and pneumonia - not good at first, but again she has rallied and hopefully will be able to be back in the home when we go up to Philadelphia to visit her next week. Will she make her 95th in June - not sure now!

Anyway dear, love your blue finds - pens will be perfect in the ginger jar, it's lovely. All my china on display requires a good hand wash but am awaiting the end of the pollen season - it's covering everything and still blowing on the breeze daily. My windows are filthy too but no use doing any cleaning outside until pollen is over. We worked in the garden for several days straight - backbreaking but so worthwhile, looks quite lovely now.

Hedgehogs are adorable - hope they return to your lovely home AND start a family - I want to share tiny babies with you!!!!

Happy weekend dear - hope it's warmer there by now - please no more icicles no matter how pretty they are!!!!

Hugs - Mary

P.S. Just had to add, the calico kitty is sweeeeet!!

Louise said...

It's nice to hear from you again. I'm glad to hear that three of the hedgehogs are healthy enough to be released, I hope they will visit you :)

Those icicles are amazing, I love it when that happens. I always think of the one I saw in Castleton a few years ago - I think that was the first time I saw such a good example of it and the best bit was peering 'inside' between the branches as the formation inside were incredible. I did take a few snaps of it and blog it at the time.

Jay said...

Great photo of the icicles, I did see a hedge like that around here this year - first time I'd ever seen it, I think it even made the local paper! Hope the hedgehogs re appear so you can give us an update, have a lovely weekend! x

awholeplotoflove said...

Oh bless your lovely little hedgehog. I am also very jealous of your cruet set find.

Wendy said...

It's lovely to see the hedgehogs so healthy and well prepared for the outside world. I hope they do come back so that you can see them. And the hedge is amazing, it looks like an elaborate ice sculpture.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I just love the icicle hedge, I've never seen anything like that before!