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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Who'd a thought...

I'd miss you all SO much?
Happy to say that wonderful hubby ordered a new screen and fitted it, so I'm back to play :o)
Where to begin? 
How about Hedgehogs?
We're still seeing dear little May most evenings, along with three or four others.  I decided to check all the boxes yesterday (Sunday), so carefully lifted the lid on the new one (No.3) first.  I saw a few droppings and (even more) carefully lifted the hay and low and behold was AMAZED to find not one, but TWO sleeping hogs :o))
I'm presuming that they must be juvenile females as I'm fairly certain that two males wouldn't live in harmony together.
Then I checked No.1 and again was amazed as Wilf has vacated and the box was empty.  Then finally I checked No. 2, this was empty too, so Winifred has trundled off too.  I'm sure they've probably moved on as the bedding was sure to be stale after having little hogs in there for at least six months.  I've taken the opportunity to thoroughly clean them out, and sterilised them with my hand held steamer.  Then have filled them again with some nice fresh, sweet smelling hay, and left them all ready to take in more prickly guests!
* * *
Now, on to other things...
I use pure cotton bedding, and prefer to use old cotton 'twill' sheets, they're not easy to come across and the ones I've been using for some years are starting to get worn.  Where to get replacements from?  Then, whilst ironing I remembered that when My Aunt died about four years ago I had 'rescued' a brand new pair from the charity shop pile!  I found them out and unpacked them, and was delighted to find they are still in perfect condition.  So I washed them to get the stiffening out, and added them to the ironing pile.  I would not be able to afford such good quality sheet today - that's IF I could find one that would even come near.

The wrapping certainly dates them though...

Then, I read the guarantee, that certainly made me SMILE :o))

No. 3 did it! 
"Fold them evenly before they go through the wringer."  Tee-hee.
If I have a problem rest assured I will write telling the year they were purchased - do you think they'd honour the guarantee?  Good old Osman sheets :o)

* * *

Our dear daughter Vicky came home for a visit over the Jubilee bank holiday , it's the first time she's been 'home' since Christmas and it was so lovely to spend some quality time together :o)  On Monday we went to a local car boot sale,  not surprisingly we both 'found' a few things.

Firstly, I saw an old 4oz glass Bovril bottle for 50p,

  Then I found this miniature wood whittling set for 75p (I quite fancy having a go at this!)
It contains a tiny knife, wood and sandpaper.

  Then there was the 'scissor pendant' 20p which I think will look quite sweet hung up with a tiny posy in,
a ' BBC Springwatch' book that I'll enjoy when I have a few quiet moments and lastly,

but certainly NOT least a pair of Spode like Blue Italian door knobs for £2.50.  I don't have a use in mind yet, but I'm certain they'll 'come in' for a project :o)

* * *

Dear Vicky also had a look at my old electric sewing machine (she is an excellent seamstress) which has been a complete pain in the butt by knotting up underneath for ages, and try as I may I couldn't solve the problem :o(  She switched on, put in a bobbin and it worked PERFECTLY!  I told her I'd even checked I'd put the bobbin in the right way as shown in the manual...when we looked it said to place it in anti-clockwise, which I did.  Vicky had put it in clockwise and it worked???  I've had the flamin' thing for over 30 years without a hitch.  Well, happily I can now turn up a pair of curtains and maybe have a go at a few sewing project I've been meaning to try.

* * *
Then, lastly you'll be pleased to read ;o) I have a few charity shop finds..

There's two silk handbags, one gold and one black measuring about 14" x 8" x 2" that were £1 each :o))

A trinket box which is 2" square and 1" deep covered in dear little bunnies £1

Then, finally a lovely cream ware pierced heart tea light holder for just 75p.

I'd like to give a sincere thank you for all the lovely messages I received whilst I was 'off air' I REALLY have appreciated them :o)

Signing off wishing you all the best, have a great week.


Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

You sure found some goodies. Like those sissors! But I bet the best part was having your daughter home!

Louise said...

Welcome back! I completey forgot about your computer problem and realised a couple of days ago that we hadn't had a hog update for a while!

Some great finds this time! I once whittled myself a whistle. I had to do it as part of my forest school leader training. it works too, I still have it!

Rubye Jack said...

Oh, I would love to find some old sheets like yours. They must be so comfy. And those Spode knobs, I would just keep them as a thing in itself - they're so pretty. Of course, there's so many places or ways one could use them. Nice finds!

JC said...

Your update was great !!! The hedgehogs, the things you bought, just too much fun for this old cat lady.



KC'sCourt! said...

Those sheets reminded me of cot sheets! Same brand, the cot sheets were used on my cot (circa 1956) - twenty four years later mum gave them to me to use on my son's cot, I still have them they are as good as new!
Julie xxxxxxxx

Sharing Shadymont said...

Hi Rose,

Glad you are back in blog land. I hate computer problems. I dropped my former laptop back around Christmas, and it was done for! To be honest, I needed a new one either way. I'm loving the new one.

You sure found some great items. I like the packaging on the sheets, and the blue and white door knobs are so unique.

Have a wonderful week.

Marilyn said...

Interesting knobs, but the instructions on the sheets did make me laugh. Glad to see you are back.♥♫

greenthumb said...

Looks like you have been very busy, I like your car boot and charity shop finds. I'm glad all the little hogs are well and still around.

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Wonderful finds but those door knobs are just gorgeous.

Julie said...

Love that bunny box and the doorknobs (of course I would love B&W china!). What are those pieces in the doorknob box that look like shallow bowls? Are they part of the knob set?

My sister has been on vacation and then has to work the next two weekends so I need a thrift (charity) shop fix badly. Not that I couldn't go by myself, but that's not as much fun.