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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Charity table top sale

As promised a catch up and photos from the charity table top sale I attended today.  An early start for me - up at 6 am, (not easy for an insomniac who is rarely in bed before 2 am - early night last night though, 1 am!)
My dear husband was up and about at 6.45 and kindly de-iced my car and loaded up, bless him :o)  We were told to be there for 8 am to set up, and so I was.  Now the organisers were 'flexible' with opening and closing times so we went with the flow.  The table was bigger than I expected - if I'd have known I would have taken more 'stuff' ;o)  This was after set up... click on any photo to enlarge.

A closer look at some goodies

Miss Piggy teapot , perfect with all stickers and tags (unsold) a bargeware brown teapot with 'Home sweet home' on it (sold)

Little boy'piano baby' (unsold)

Crinoline lady, lace all perfect 
Selection of vintage jewelery and cuff links , nearly all sold.
Tut, tut!  A vintage Playboy playmate Jigsaw puzzle :o)

Doors opened at 9.30, and a steady stream of folk came in between then and 1.30 when doors closed.  I was quite pleased, I sold at least 3 of the boxes I'd taken and made nearly £50 by close of play.  I packed up another box of unsold items for my 'supplier' and took home only two box fulls of things that weren't about to go to charity.  (Miss piggy, the piano baby and my old table lamps to name a few).  I was surprised that they didn't sell as I'd thought they were definites, along with a vintage chrome 3 tier cake stand, but they've come back home and I'll find another sale to try them at.

I took photos of a few of the other stalls there for you to peruse :o)

This couple were raising funds for MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship)
You can read about their work here
(Just noticed, and must mention the lovely old mirror which is a feature of our Peace Memorial Hall here in the village)

This stall had a overhead projector I was REALLY tempted to buy, but my mission was to GET RID! 
Cupcakes on the Macmillan stall - mmmm!
These Jigsaws were on the stall for International Aid.

All in all a good day, two friendships made with the lovely ladies who were my neighbours (priceless) and a bit of dosh towards repair of the (small) hole in the roofing felt I found when I was up there.....did I mention that before?

I see another follower has joined up :o)  Welcome, welcome!

Best wishes to all, hope you have a great weekend too!  I'll be back very soon with a catch up on some of my latest bargains bought since Christmas.


George the Lad said...

Oh look at all that stuff :0 well done on the amount you sold. Hang on a minute, when you came to see me, you said you wouldn't be replacing them!! I know what you meant to say is you have to make room for the things bought since Christmas ;)I'm looking forward to what you got.
See Yea George xxx
PS I had a great walk today, mom spat her dummy out the pram lol!!! funny it was. I'll be posting about it in the week lol!

Dan said...

Oh, I'd have loved a browse round the stalls! I really liked the ladle.
I've been resisting the temptations of the charity shops for now...

Patrice said...

Oh, I'd have had a good time there! I'm supposed to be getting rid of stuff, not getting more.:(

Meanqueen said...

You did well to make that amount of money, well done. I wished we had something like that round here. Our table top sales are just a way for people to get rid of junk, and I mean real junk.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a wonderful sale!! I love your little piano boy too, isn't it odd what doesn't sale sometimes? What a great day!! :)

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

It sounds like a fun day!

Nancy said...

Looks like it was a successful sale. The little piano boy is cute. I'd have thought that would sale right away.


ted and bunny said...

wow- well done with your days dosh!
It's always the sure-fire things that don't sell-why is that?

Pamela said...

Hi Rose!!
So nice to meet someone from the U.K. don't think I have met anyone from there in the blog world yet! I was there in the early 1970's with my family. Loved it.
Pamela :)