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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Come dine with me.....

Last night we had dear friends over for dinner.  I tried to keep things fairly simple, (you see I'm probably a closet Hyacinth Bucket! ) (  as I do like to have a well laid out and presented table.  Here's a peek at the results....

I laid seven places as one of our friends had their grand daughter Charlotte staying (I placed a smaller 'wine' glass out for her so that she wouldn't feel out of place with her alcohol free drink).
I just love the glasses, nice and plain 'n purchased from Woolworth's years and years ago.  Each glass is placed on a gold coaster.

Our lovely blue and white dinner service is a family heirloom from my Husbands side of the family, made by Till & Son of Burslem, Stoke on Trent Trade name Tillson. (sadly, there is no patterm name on any piece) I decided against using the whole services as I used my recently aquired hostess trolley,  I find it a boon, if only for keeping the plates and dishes hot - which in turn frees up a lot of space in my (very) small kitchen!

Here's a closer look

(You will also see some of the plates on the welsh dresser behind me on my profile photo)

I used my simple gold beaded napkin rings, and used my favourite Viners blue handled flatware.
I purchased a set about ten years ago in a closing down sale for a song, and I've kicked myself ever since for not buying another six place settings.  I keep searching but haven't found any more yet :o(
I missed taking a photo of the place mats, but they are Rose Boquet by Royal Victoria with matching
napkins. See this link for the pattern

The linen cloth is a favoutite of mine, from a charity shop of course...I'm certain it was under £5.
It doesn't show on my photo, but I use a silver table protector underneath it (often seen in the background of my charity shop bargain photos!).  You may have noticed that I used battery operated tea lights, I made the descision as Charlotte is only 7 years old and I would hate for any avoidable accident with an open flame.

The menu I (finally) decided upon was:
Starter - Potabello Mushrooms stuffed with Palma Ham, home grown tomato, onion crisps and mozzerella, topped off with (home made) bread crumbs  and parmesan cheese.  Served with a side salad with home made balsamic dressing.  Here are some of them awaiting their turn in the oven!

Perhaps they look a bit boring, and my intention was to do the before and after shots but at this point things in the kitchen got a little hectic and the camera was forgotten!  When they were crispy and golden on the top and the flavours had devoloped properly they tasted good!

 So you'll just have to imagine the main course....
I cooked pork fillet stuffed with sage and a row of whole apricots, wrapped in home cured streaky bacon.  With this I served home grown boiled potatoes with mint, carrots, cabbage, brocolli and home grown runner beans (donated by my dentist!)  With roasted potatoes, sweet potato and butternut squash.

Our sweet is a firm favouite with my guests - my version of Ina Gartens Fruit Crostata

I use peaches in brandy, local raspberries and blueberries, served at room temperature with a choice of extra thick cream or custard (Creme Anglaise) I would normally offer a choice of two or even three sweets but time constraints this weekend scuppered those plans!

We had wine with our meal of course, and as we are all usually too full to face cheese and biscuits so I missed out on those but serve either tea or coffee with after dinner chocolates.

I believe a good time was had by all.  I hope you've enjoyed my lastest ramble!
Thank you for your time, please - don't be shy leave me your comments - good or bad and let me know you've visited.

Bye for now - best wishes to all :o)


Brownieville Girl said...

Wow Rose, Looks fantastic - I'm available for dinner at any time!!!!!

George the Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose,
So that's want it looked like last night, I was all alone while Mom and Dad was at your place stuffing their faces, having a great time. Thanks for the Jam and Redcurrant jelly at least I get a taste of that.
Mom says if you were on Come Dine With Me it would have been 10 points.
See Yea George xxx

The Norwegian said...

Truly a lovely table and what an fabulous meal!
I love to imagine such a dinner - across the sea from where we live. As inviting as can be.

Patrice said...

Such a lovely table. Blue and white dishes are my favorite, and yours are quite pretty. You made a reference to Hyacinth Bucket and my daughters did not know who she was. My hubby looked the show up on YouTube so we could "educate"them. Hubby and I used to watch what our local TV called "Brit Wit" every weekend, so we had seen many episodes of Hyacinth. Poor Richard!The girls got a good laugh at the show.

Rosemary said...

Looks lovely!! I will be right over.
Better get your paints out, I'm coming to the UK next year!!
Have a great week,

acorn hollow said...

How lovely your table looks.
You made me laugh with your comment that you would display them in the dumpster. Right you are but each to their own. Mrs Bucket or (Bouquet) we watch all the time. My mother always said she reminded her of my aunt. I do think that my aunt feels the family just brings her social status down. The joys of family.

Tracy F. said...

Such a pretty blue and white table---my favorite color combination! The stuffed portabellos sound delicious!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Rose, Your table setting is lovely. The dishes as well as the tablecloth are fantastic! I also love and collect blue and white dishes.
Hugs, Sherry

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Hi Rose! I just found your blog via Memoirs of a Vintage Magpie. I love the table setting. Very spooky that you had the large open mushrooms on the menu - I had some I'd bought on offer at Sainsbury's yesterday. I griddled them and filled with melted cheese and onion. Yum! SueXXX

Heidi said...

Hi Rose,
That's a very pretty table, and a great sounding menu!
Thanks for all the kind words the other day, I do appreciate the encouragement and support.
Heidi - Heart and Home

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Rose! What a beautiful tablescape and yummy looking food! Love those blue and white plates...gorgeous! Have a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie