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Thursday, 29 July 2010

A few additions to the collections.

Hello Guys 'n gals.
As promised a few more bargains to add to the collections.
(To have a better view click on any photo to enlarge.)

A pretty floral dish approx 4" diameter from Royal Albert Country Roses collection £1

A lovely Spode plate £1.25
An old original sweetie jar, in really lovely condition for £1.25
Not quite sure what I'll store in it yet though.
A Buddahs head about 6" high £4.50 - (now you know I like Buddahs)
It kinda fits in with this wall mask I got last year, I'm sure it was only £1....
Probably a bit too gold coloured for some of you, but I like gold :o)

Then yesterday I found this lovely mounted tabby cat print for £1
I splurged out £6 for this hand blown flask just about 4" high
the colours are not done justice on the photo as there are golden flecks in it.
and lastly here's a little German hand painted pin dish I got a couple of months ago for £1.50
The little birds and bugs are so beautifully depicted I just fell in love with it :o)

I hope you like some of the goodies.  The Buddahs, bird dish and cat print will be displayed in our guest room.  The blue and white plate in the dining room.  I'm not quite sure where the Royal Albert Country Roses will end up yet.  The sweetie jar is on the kitchen work top until I decide what to store in it.

Thank you for joining me and reading my ramblings again.  Hello to my new followers - great that you've joined me here, I appreciate it!

Best wishes


George the Lad said...

Hi Auntie Rose, them sure are some nice dog dinner plates you picked up. Mom says she likes the print of the cats I thinks it would have been better if it was of dogs, don't you think.
See Yea George xxx

Brownieville Girl said...

LOVE the sweetie jar and particularly the flask - really beautiful, what bargains!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said... right up my alley, Rose! I love the cat print and that Spode plate is gorgeous! I have quite a few from the Blue Room collection, but haven't seen that one...lovely! I hope you are having a great weekend!..hugs...Debbie

Tracy F. said...

Lots of pretty things! I especially love the blue and white Spode and the cute little birds and bugs dish.

Patrice said...

I collect blue and white plates, so I appreciate the Spode plate you found. I collect cobalt blue glassware and just found 12 goblets for $7(US). That would be far less than the price for one!