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Monday, 14 June 2010

A bit off normal topics!

Finally, a post from me!

Today I made some Blackcurrent Jelly with some of last years frozen harvest.

Blackcurrent bushes evoke happy memories of childhood.   Nan grew blackcurrents in her garden.  I used to help with the harvest and the smell of the bushes transport me back, along with the purple stains on your fingers as you pick them.  The next day I can clearly recall home made bread slathered with real butter and delicious home made blackcurrent jelly. 

When we celebrated our Silver wedding anniversary my Aunt and Uncle gave us some money which we used to buy plants and a sun dial for the garden.  I just HAD to have a blackcurrent bush as one of the plants, as the memories of childhood were still strong.

Last year I had a bumper harvest saved from the blackbirds, so as I picked them I froze them with the intent of making jam or jelly.  As usual life took over and I just never got around to making it until I was prompted  today.

I placed 4Lbs of fruit in my maslin pan along with 3 pints of water and stewed them until they turned to pulp.  (I added the skin and core from an apple in case the pectil level was lowered as they had been frozen). I forgot to take a photo of this though :o(
Then I carefully poured the pulp and juice into my jelly bag and left it to drip through for about 4 hours.

I was left with a rich ruby red juice.

I measured this and added 1Lb of warmed sugar per pint of liquid, and heated it through stirring until the sugar had disolved.  Then turned up the heat until it reached the 'JAM' mark on my sugar thermometer.
Meantime, I sterilised my clean jars by pouring boiling water into them, leaving for about 10 seconds, draining the water and upturning them onto clean kitchen paper.  Then when the jam was nearly ready I put the jars into the oven at 160deg C to dry completely.  When the jam got to temperature I turned off the heat, removed the 'scum' from the top and left it to cool slightly,

 then I opened the oven door and turned off the heat for about 10 minutes to allow the jars to cool enough to handle.
Then I carefully filled my jam jars, added the waxed paper and covers and now they are cooling.  Waiting for me to slather some bread with real butter and home made jelly again!

I used two *Kilner jars, so I left off the waxed paper disks and sealed them as soon as they were full.  My only concern is with these two jars as there is condensation on the lids.

I'll be back soon with a normal topic post, but I was so pleased I'd made this jelly I just had to share it with you!

Thank you for joining me here again, I do appreciate your visits and comments.

Best wishes

* the Kilner jars were 50p each from the charity shop last week, and I got new seals cheaply from ebay :o)


George the Lad said...

Blackcurrent jelly that's something I'v not tasted, looks very nice Auntie Rose do I get to try some.
See Yea George xxx

Rose H (UK) said...

First batch all claimed George sorry :o(
The good news is I have some more fruit left in the freezer and should have it made this weekend - a jar will have your name on it!
(If you don't like it I bet Mom and Dad will, LOL)
Love Auntie Rose xxx

Shirley said...

I've never tasted black currents either. Certainly looks delicious!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and the tip about the weighted doily! I didn't know that and will certainly use it a lot now!

Manuela@TPOH said...

The jelly looks so good!